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We walk along the beach to see

the happy couples like us staring at the ocean.

And see how the waves come and go

subduing our blues, buried under the sand.

Did we become a tourist of our own,

devoid of pleasure on being together?

We walk like solitary man and woman

glancing sideways, avoiding leisure

as if children were lost running both ways

chasing happiness out of sight. Dreaming

of lost balloons. Of lost kites. Of empty boats

bobbing, floating and drifting away.

We smile blankly and falsely wonder

about the beach umbrella blown in the wind

and the white surf racing past each other

to reach you. And me, while I am trying

to mute down my gaze towards a space

where shadows of people begins to fade

under the sheltering weight of the high noon.

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I am sitting here. Stranger as I am. Finally, this is the freedom I always wanted. No one obliged me to be here. Just as my whole being in its truest moment. One with the wind and the sea.

I am sitting here. Just letting the blue sky engulf me. As I record each frame of sea images in my memory. I wanted to remember how the tides rush upon the shore. And the feeling of something has been unloaded. Of something that has been there all along and waiting to be found.

I am sitting here. Trying to befriend the seabirds and letting them believe that I am also one of them. Who could fly. And like the sea, I will be always be coming home. No matter how far my sojourns are.

I am sitting here. Without a care. Just breathing within me the solitude of keeping still. Trying to take in the magnitude of the universe and expanding my soul to the depths of the sea. As far as I can see, I will reach them and my spirit will be one with the waves. Silently it rolls, and I am in complete surrender.

I am sitting here. In contentment that any sea, even from far places are connected. No limits. No boundaries. Willingly to go where the wind chooses. In the distance the horizon faded into the sky.

I wanted to be on this same spot, sitting and let me remember that life has to be lived one day at a time. Where tomorrow will take care of itself and what matters is today.

These, in my quiet contemplation, I have known.

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before sunrise…

I saw you there among the horizon, peering through the breaking of the first light. That gentleness like the morning star had me longing for more.  More of you from the previous night. Let me embrace you like the feathery clouds in their afterglow. How serene am I in your bosom. Not a care in this world.

in the harborfront…

I am here standing at the boardwalk. Waiting for your ship to come. With the seagulls hovering above me and the seawaves frolicking along the breakwater. I have been here since your last voyage. Of chasing your dream and your freedom. But I have learned to let you go, and learned how to have hope. That you will come back to me. You will.  And I am waiting still.

across the desert…

Like how the wind shapes the dunes, so your tenderness. Lovely as your affection embrace me in the moonlight. A thousand and one nights of dream. We are sharing the stars and the Orion guides us to discover the many secrets of our togetherness. I will sit here with you and let the wind softly whisper my heart’s song.

driving down the mountain…

Lovers we are among the long grass. I am driving down this maze, of finding a way to your heart.  Keep you lingering in my mind and I never stop from wondering.  Upon these rocks, the many faces of love etched by time. And stood witness to my deep devotion to you. I shouted your name out in the cliffs, and it echoes and created a lover’s melody.

watching the sunset…

Why do I feel sad, whenever the sun bades goodbye?  Why do I feel sad when the sun finally vowed out among the ridge in the distance? Am I afraid that the memory of you will also leave me too soon? Even if I tried to stop the hands of time from turning, I am in my sweet surrender.  But I know, that someday, in another time, in another place, there will be you and me.  I know that even if it’s not me who is there with you, I will always wanted what makes you happy.  And it is enough that I have loved you the way I could.


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