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I read what you have written.

I watch how you exist everyday.

I listen to what you have to say.

In silence I understand and

in the way of silence will I respond.

I may disagree with you

but I thank you for what you are,

in respect to the way you live

your truth. I may have biases

and pre-conditioned opinion

of how it was with my side of story.

But I do not beg you to listen,

nor to watch and read these lines.

For I know you will afford to respect

the unwritten code of tolerance.

Measure for measure. We swap

vantages and viewfinders.

We have a choice whether to see

things clearly in detail

or  the bigger picture.

We do not need to hide

the arguments on intellectual

acrobatics nor choose to mislead

honesty in fallacy. It is not

in the amount of words nor

the eloquence of the language,

but in this fraternal bond

that even in disagreement

we thrive in peace.

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Today, I have been to Fujairah, north of United Arab Emirates to visit An-an, a cousin from the Philippines working there at Sandy Beach Resort. It has been five years since I last met her but she still remained perfectly as the one I have endeared to talk to about my musings on life and endless rant to make this world better.  She never grew tired of me.  I have been blessed by a company of true friends within my family circle and the bonds we have shared has outlasted the times. 

Equally, Yangyang another cousin of mine whom I accompanied to see An-an, is as sweet as ever.  I remember when we are younger, all of us would ride a tricycle, my cousins and me trekking up hills and mountains.  Gleefully spending days in the sun and playing in the foamy beaches of Antique.  But now. It was all different.  We still had these times together but we are grown-ups toiling to live our lives well spent. We know that here in our lives are shortened versions of yesteryears.  Everything is in a hurry.

But we know that even if these situations are inevitable, we felt as if the visions of yesteryears had been suspended in time just waiting for us to rekindle it again.  We know that our time is up and we have to take a stand to assume a bigger role in life.  Both of them had families and I am a sort of contented to be left alone.  I believe I cannot be too selfish to get their precious time to spend it with me as I have learned to befriend all the good  memories I had with them.  For me, that is already enough.

Right here, in these foothills of Fujairah, we are on different vantage points.  We are all facing the same place in which I symbolize as a beautiful life.  We had our own notions and strategies how to live up to our own expectations.  But still, I think that will make no difference at all, as we are all connected.

I cannot help but feel our happiness in the jagged faces of the hills.  Sense the joy of the swirling dust beneath my nostrils as if it breathed again childhood. Standing tall in the dunes as if yes, I had conquered the difficult times of adolescence.

All I can see is the road with beautiful views worth a thousand photographs.  Like this life, we are travelling through distances of ups and downs, but what matters is that we keep on going.  And at the far end, we will reach our destination.

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