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Water drop in my universe,

echoes from afar becoming distinct

sound. Drip, drip, drip

circles expanding colorless

and still blue. Little waves

breaking long stretches

of silence seemingly placid.

Roll. Roar. Rage. Stirred deep

from the abyss chasing the shore.

Falling endless in a waterfall

like inner voice thunders

slicing the river into gorges

and deep canyons. Ancient

ages and weather change

patterns and paths, yet

only to be heard and seen

the cycle of life again.

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I can talk about my universe

like picking a good book

from the bookshelves and pretend.

As if my mind can fill the spaces

left as a void and of dusts

collecting at the edges.

Since the day I had let

somebody in.


I could leave good pictures

about art. About dance.

About the food and the drinks.

Of nice and pretty things

while you won’t discover

how tricky it is to conceal.

How easy it is to speak

about the avant-garde. 

The dead writers. The music.


I won’t show you the bookmarks.

The synopsis of chapters.

The highlighted paragraphs

almost torn to the leaf

where the watermarks

from my tears had faded.

I won’t let you read it.


I will let the cultured noise

suffocate me in silence

on something that begin

to reveal themselves.

Leaving handprints

and start mending

the pages of my heart.

I won’t let you do it.

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Someone have told me

that when your feet begins

to dig deeper into the ground,

as if you are carrying a heavy rock

upon your shoulders.  Do not fail

to look up and turn your eyes

from looking down.  And you will

discover  the big sky above you.


Let the wide space fill your mind.

Embrace the world and fathom

the depth, the height and width of it.

Let the wind carry your spirit-

a dot in the sand completing

this tapestry of life. You belong

to a grand plan, ever since

when the universe is born.


No matter how fearsome it would become

No matter how fierce the odds are.

No one will take away your piece of sky.

Be steady and look beyond the horizon.

Drift like an eagle  among the clouds.

Redeem  your place in the sun.

As hope burn brightly like a new day.

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I am smoldering in the night.

But you’ll see no passion, only sober

semblance to a gargoyle, seating.

And towering over the city lights.


Ah, the fahrenheit must have drop

below sub-zero. My steely psyche

a block of ice emitting smoke,

numb in whiteness. I froze.


Ignite me a matchstick. Tell me

what you see when melancholy

lurks slowly in my bones. Splintered

cinders, then into ebony parchness.


Ah, am I a comet zooming, as it hits

your universe then dissipate like a frizzle?

Imagine  me as a flame of a dying star-

morose. Traversing your love’s black hole.


You didn’t know how hard to contain

my tamed affection. You just didn’t know.

I am smoldering in the night, but

you’ll see no passion. I am sober.

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I am sitting here. Stranger as I am. Finally, this is the freedom I always wanted. No one obliged me to be here. Just as my whole being in its truest moment. One with the wind and the sea.

I am sitting here. Just letting the blue sky engulf me. As I record each frame of sea images in my memory. I wanted to remember how the tides rush upon the shore. And the feeling of something has been unloaded. Of something that has been there all along and waiting to be found.

I am sitting here. Trying to befriend the seabirds and letting them believe that I am also one of them. Who could fly. And like the sea, I will be always be coming home. No matter how far my sojourns are.

I am sitting here. Without a care. Just breathing within me the solitude of keeping still. Trying to take in the magnitude of the universe and expanding my soul to the depths of the sea. As far as I can see, I will reach them and my spirit will be one with the waves. Silently it rolls, and I am in complete surrender.

I am sitting here. In contentment that any sea, even from far places are connected. No limits. No boundaries. Willingly to go where the wind chooses. In the distance the horizon faded into the sky.

I wanted to be on this same spot, sitting and let me remember that life has to be lived one day at a time. Where tomorrow will take care of itself and what matters is today.

These, in my quiet contemplation, I have known.

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Munad is the inverted name for “danum”, which in Ilocano (a Northern Philippine dialect) means water.  Under Iwag Palattao’s direction alongside with Dato, a Baguio resident artist, they formed a visual artist group of five which included myself.  I am the youngest and the least talented, and I don’t have that great artistic talent to venture out, other than just scribbling line figures.

Julius, a great friend I remember, the leader of Munad, approached me that time and asked if I am interested to join the group.  I was taken aback. Because, in my opinion, I am not inclined to visual arts. I said I am more into creative writing stuff. He said I can try and learn from there.

The next thing I know is that I was being introduced to a bunch of bohemian looking guys. Their eyes poring at me as if they are reading something. You know artists, they have a keen interest in observing things and personalities. I think, they are filtering me through that yardstick.  If I can truly express myself artistically, in visual artform.

Then Iwag, proposed for a group exhibit that was slated then to be mounted in two month’s time.  Each of us, are required to produce five visual painting pieces, either realistic or an abstract. I chose the latter. I came up with five, but only allowed to mount three.  They said the other two lacks depth of subject.

I remember the night before the opening of the exhibit, when I was asked to gather some dried leaves in the middle of the night. I hesitated at first but eventually I obliged.  That was the time, I felt that something has been stripped off out of me in the name of the arts. And the dawning of my free-spirited life occured.

I gathered a sackfull. Of dried leaves. Then Iwag, upon seeing me carrying it, grinned. Yeah, I think, he is also thinking about my initiation. Like in a fraternity. Then, I gave it to him and watch him fashioned it out on the museum floor along with sand and rice grain to form like a Japanese rock garden. I was speechless.  I can’t believe right before my very eyes an artist who can weave art like magic out of what can be considerd rubbish. It was awesome.

Then over the years, Munad goes on in mounting two more group exhibits.  And it somehow, lifted my self-esteem.  I was so thrilled looking at people stopping by my paintings and staying there for some minutes. What a joy to see, people interacting and discussing their thoughts over the paintings as if it is like a case study in contrast. And what more fulfilling it is, in actually explaining the meaning of your paintings over a group of artistic and intellectual people.  That was an experience no other.

That was the golden time for arts in Tarlac, when Tingting Cojuangco is still the governor of the province. She espouses the flourishing of arts in Tarlac by opening up Museo de Tarlac for painting exhibits and the like. Festivities are being held. Musicals like “Alikabok” had been staged at Diwa ng Tarlak. And there was a mobile museum doing the rounds in the barrios for people to experience visual arts closer to them.

One time, an uncle told me, that he was surprised that I am into painting through one of those mobile musem exhibits.  He is the driver of that mobile van.  And I can sense how proud he is touring my painting around the province and telling stories about me as his nephew.

That was the time, I produced a number of paintings over summers of each year. I had some paintings donated after that. Some are displayed at the university.  Some are in the government offices.  Some are with my trusted friends.  The mother of all my paintings was with Gerardo. I knew he is displaying it in his home.

I must say, when Julius approached me then, its like a water drop in my sleeping universe.  I never knew that this single invitation that I  accepted has created trickles and trickles of water until my consciousness towards arts grew like a river. And other artforms ensued. Poetry, university campus writing, theater, installation art, photography and this time blogging.

True to the form, Munad has been so symbolic to me in many ways.  It has opened myself to a lot of things. It has ushered me into that door of self-discovery. That I can be capable of doing something if I will just try and not afraid of failing. And the many waters of inspiration has quenched my desire to express myself creatively. 

I owe it a lot to my Munad group, though some of them are stationed in parts of the world, I know that there will come a time that the water droplets (as they are) will be gathered and create another wave from the rivers of beautiful inspirations of art.

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Consumer nowadays had become subjected to a more deliberate persuasion from the cyberworld. With the advent of high technological advances in the field of communication, millions of people are having been reached by e-advertising and e-commerce.  The Internet has become a portal to unlock possibilities in the cyberspace and make it as an accessible medium to promote a wider range of products ranging from personal care to educational certifications.  The distances have been obscured. Age is not a matter to be considered.  And this capability to connect has empowered a lot of people to demand for more and more entertaining modes of communication.

Behaviourally, the trending of businesses and its processes have become anchored to enticing and persuading consumers to utilize this capability.  Consumers are now fast becoming computer literates wherein they can compare product quality on the basis of what they can actually see and feel in just a click of the mouse.  This pseudo-power to decide what fits their economy and personality has become for them a  potent strategy to search for a much superior product or service being proliferately advertised.

On one hand, major businesses and some creative organizations has fully exacted its masterplan on the consumer.  They have formulated, created and machinated a different kind of strategy to monopolize and economize on the consumer’s voracious appetite for information and technological revolution.  They have provided a platform wherein the consumer can participate in the making and concept building of a product, since the consumer has this hidden desire to initiate a different take on things. 

For example, the growing trend of virtual websites catering for people expression and niche commercialism has sprouted over a period of time.  People loves to share, connect and  communicate like Friendster, MySpace, Blogger, Yahoo and MSN to name a few. It has provided effective avenues for people to meet and exchange idea. 

Niche commercialism means a product or service promotion mechanism for just a select group of people sharing a common interest.  It is somewhat intimate in the joint exploration of a craft, games,  hobby, art, how to’s and that sort of things.  No wonder, in many affluent societies, its the "in" thing.  It has become a powerful specialist branding tool for some emerging businesses nowadays such as Starbucks for example.

Based on a study, sixty percent of trendsetters and 33 percent of mainstream 14-34 year olds have a social networking pages on the Internet. These synthetic worlds has about 10 to 20 million inhabitants, where the truth about catching this big bulk of a market to display have put many businesses frantically mad about e-advertising and e-commerce. 

Here are the latest statistics where you can find how some of this so-called virtual worlds exist and command loyalty among  consumers to connect like a regular umbilical cord. 

Guildwars- 2 million members
Ragnarok Online- 17 million
World of Warcraft- 5.5 million
Virtual Magic Kingdom- 1million
MySpace- 68 million
MSN Spaces-30 million
MSN Messenger-100 million
Yahoo Messenger- 63 million

In the universe of this virtual worlds, it has often been told that  consumers dictate the shape of the future. Or it may be the other way around?  The future shapes the consumer to become a cyber animal.  Herein, this so-called pesudo-power  is being demonstrated three- dimensionally and an enough reason for people to  abandon realities.  Such like In the film "the Matrix",  it is no different to the reality that is happening now in the way  our culture has been transformed.  Multi-universe of consumers that keeps on creating their little self-made worlds. And has allowed themselves to be subjected from the intoxicating rule of avatar kings and queens of the Internet.   


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