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This pilgrim slowly falls

into longing.  Loneliness

hums along a prelude

to twilight.  The olden days

forgotten. Of distant past

revealed and was found-

in the lines of her song.


She sings of a sad refrain.


As if she knew the way,

retracing tracks to wounds

of a love lost.  A trip,

down the memory lane.


She sings


as if she knew this pilgrim.

Whose heart is keeping

a sad, hidden melody

left here at the station.

Unsung of someone else’s


story.  She sings


about broken promises.

About dreams fading

into the horizon.  About

memories slipping away.

Like trains not returning


this song’s sad ending.


Loneliness runs along

here at the station.

Tomorrow is another day-

down the memory lane.


And this pilgrim chose

to stay awhile, alone

past midnight.  Waiting,

as she begins  to sing

another sad song.

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Today, I am reminded that long ago I had attempted to write a script, guided by a script writing manual by famed Ricky Lee, foremost Filipino screen writer.  It is aptly titled as Trip to Quiapo.  I borrowed this book from a writer colleague at the school publication but never returned it back.

Such was my intention to be self-taught, I would screen each pages like a scanning machine, embedding in my mind the tips and techniques on how to spice up my stories.  I have learned to creatively express myself through writing by attempting first to write short stories in Tagalog.

My first short story is " Ang Daigdig ni Bugel"- about autism and how a certain child named Bugel tried to express his individuality in this somewhat unwelcoming world. The second is "Sakada" -about the struggles of the common sugarcane workers in Batangas, faced with misery of the cycles of their poverty.  The third is "Apo Sebyo"- the story of a war veteran prodded by his educated sons, to abandon his farmland that was slowly taken up by real estate businessmen.

Another (which I forgot the title)- is about two friends in the student activism movement that was eventually separated by idealism, political principles and the reality that they have choices as to what life path will they be taking.  I am also half-way done with my first full-length script entitled "Didilim, Liliwanag"- which has a premise of Philippines after the communism era. 

It details the struggles of a father searching for his son separated from him during those turbulent years and in the end realizes that his son has been dead long time ago, and somebody has assumed his son’s identity. This led the father to search and trace the whereabouts of his son only to find out stories about his son (mistaken identity) through some strangers.

The characters in my story, majority of them, have real references from real people, in which I have tried to remember and describe them in pristine clarity, of their mannerisms, their social circumstance and their belief systems.  I need to have a reliable and valid characterizations in my stories to justify the subject and to realistically back-up the basic premise of the conflict that needed to be resolved.  Sometimes, I would try to end the story without resolution, to leave varied generalizations to the reader and letting them create their preferred story endings.

That was in general, are things I have learned through Trip To Quiapo book.  It manages to teach the rudiments of story writing, to be honest in expounding your subject matter and push the boundaries of the established norms.  It encourages a budding writer to always strive by being original and create a style which has never been tried before, ever evolving and adaptive to changes.

Trip To Quiapo, epitomizes three differentiation of writers which are as follows;

1) someone who knows the way to Quaipo

2) someone who barely knows Quiapo and have tried to find its way longer because he is quite not sure what is the shortest possible route to Quiapo.

3) someone who doesn’t know the way to Quiapo and was lost, but in a way has arrived in one place, and made himself believe that indeed he arrived to Quiapo.

To sum it up, each and every writer; professional or amateur, in whatever genre or style, know themselves for sure.  But celebrated writers of our time, are those who have tried to find their niche and stood out among the rest by being distinct. They are the kind of writers who have tried to relate a story in a different form and a different style that paves the way for others to explore and embrace diversity.  They are the kind of writers who is brave to espouse freedom of expression, unhindered and unchallenged by monopoly and commercial greed.

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The island exudes its coastal charm from the harbour of Kowloon.  Aboard Star Ferry, I catch the glimpse of twilight and the splendor of night lights.  Hong Kong is truly a world class city.  With its skybending glass towers and enigmatic fluidity of its modern structures, my jaw drops in wonderment.

The vivid pictures of Hongkong starts from the bridge-like edifice of Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, the magnificent angular interpolations of Bank of China, the lego imitated Bond Center, the crowned jewels of IFC Towers to the almost glorious zenith of Central Plaza Tower.

The MTR trips from Chaiwan to Central gives me a tinge of isolation of being lost in translation.  The poignancy of the British Cantonese life in my eyes from the upper decks of the tram. The muted symphonies of trees in the Victoria Park.  The rushing excitement of uphill climb to the Victoria Peak.  And the rugged beauty of Lantau Island.

To the dazzling walkathons and window shopping at Times Square, Landmark, Pacific Place, the IFC and Festival Walk.  To the sleazy nighwalks at Wanchai, Lan Kwai Fong and Kowloon. Dimsum at Hongkong Jockey Club, the Excelsior  and the Dynasty at Grand Hyatt. The Sunday frenzy at the Chater Gardens and Statue Park where Filipinos would often crowd.

The KCR rides exploring the Kowloon side going to Shenzen exposes me to the University Grounds of Hongkong University of Science and Technology and the idyllic landscape of Lo Wu and Fan Ling.  The everyday bus rides to the Aberdeen Tunnel wishing I would have time to go Ocean Park.  No Disneyland itinerary here.

But my most memorable, my quiet taxi ride traversing Pok Fu Lam to Wong Chuk Hang. I tried to stay awake from the dizziness of the Airport Express train. I was even charged for about a hundred HK dollar going to the office, but its worth my honest mistake. 

I have seen the solemnity of Hongkong South.  The beautiful villas by the sea and the glistenning South China Sea in the high afternoon light.  I would imaginatively send my kisses through the wave back home.  Realizing that almost. Almost saved the images of Hongkong in my mind.


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