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Lines converge

into the center of our visions,

unhindered by picket fences.


Shuffling images on a collage-

brick walls in grafitti,

kites, flags and confetti.


The gaping surrealism

in cloudless sky of reverie. Fleeting

in the tail-end of comets.


Color trapped in spectrum

of rainbows and sandstorms

obscuring the bluest of hemispheres.


“The world was linear,

we exist in parallelisms.”

This is our perspective.


Have we understood

the secrets of the horizon?

Our dreams fading without trace.

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Keep your eye on the road, old soul. Let the white fumes fill the hollow inside you.  Rest your back and forget the logic. Just be one with the rhythm of this morning ride. Let the brusque vibe of the street keep shaking out your soul. 

As soon as you step out, make your way.  To the place you would want to be. Be comfortable observing people go walking by.  Let the locomotion of their consciousness melt into your own. Don’t be afraid to let yourself go and rewind some bits of memories that make you shudder.

Do you remember? How you counted the minutes to mediocrity?  How you imagine yourself crossing life’s pedestrians to your reality? It is here man, that you became man.  It is here, that life breathed through your nostrils.  It is here you swept away all the disbelief.

Climb your way through the stairs.  Let each steps remind you how you need to ascent to heaven. Don’t rationalize it.  Don’t be too intellectual.  Only be alert. Keep your feet out of the yellow line. 

Stations by stations, that’s how far you can go, old soul. Remember the stench of the pavement littered by the other night. The ugly sight of this concrete jungle messed up, grimed up until its dying.  What a beautiful decomposition.  What a nostalgic consolation.

Keep your eye on the road, old soul.  Be a stranger lurking in the shadows of that gray precipice. Paint the city pallete into your mind’s canvass. And bring out the surrealist in you. Make the brush bleed you to death.  And wake you up from your deep sleep.

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