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There was a time when I thought happiness

was infinite and the night full of stars.

And I have my way of keeping track

each day written on a page. There was a time,

when the breeze came to my sails

as it float away myriad of dreams-

like kites braving the sky.

And the harvest is here,

filled my basket overflowing

of summer fruits in its season.


It was a time of plenty

and a time of tender love

when every prairie blooms

in the suppleness of spring.

Basking to the sun’s golden stream

into the woods by the mid-morning

when I endlessly salute those fine,

bright times rejoicing.


But like butterflies flutter their wings-

yesterday is a maiden whose beauty hides

by the moonrise. I sit there by the terrain

watching the sunset. When the light

of the day were torn pages into pieces.

In the autumn,  like falling leaves.

Sadness came. A blight of the winter

and the frost became cobwebs.

The winds now, they sing a dirge

slowly becoming whispers. Yesterday

walks away silently, weeping like a lady.

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Let me beach to your powdery sand,

a beachcomber with seashells on his hand

delightful picking colored stones ashore.


On your rugged cliffs I climb and went,

lingering to witness your misty sunset

touched by the wind of this summer’s kiss.


The leaning tree, a coconut, subdued me,

as it veils its shadowy palms over me-

dancing divine light, streaming reverie.


Seawaves sailed glinting in the bluegreen.

Its white fingers frothing immaculately-

spotless against the island’s fragiled skin.


Beyond the blue the sky can reach,

who can say what paradise might be-

this secret cove  of shipwreck’s lost.

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before sunrise…

I saw you there among the horizon, peering through the breaking of the first light. That gentleness like the morning star had me longing for more.  More of you from the previous night. Let me embrace you like the feathery clouds in their afterglow. How serene am I in your bosom. Not a care in this world.

in the harborfront…

I am here standing at the boardwalk. Waiting for your ship to come. With the seagulls hovering above me and the seawaves frolicking along the breakwater. I have been here since your last voyage. Of chasing your dream and your freedom. But I have learned to let you go, and learned how to have hope. That you will come back to me. You will.  And I am waiting still.

across the desert…

Like how the wind shapes the dunes, so your tenderness. Lovely as your affection embrace me in the moonlight. A thousand and one nights of dream. We are sharing the stars and the Orion guides us to discover the many secrets of our togetherness. I will sit here with you and let the wind softly whisper my heart’s song.

driving down the mountain…

Lovers we are among the long grass. I am driving down this maze, of finding a way to your heart.  Keep you lingering in my mind and I never stop from wondering.  Upon these rocks, the many faces of love etched by time. And stood witness to my deep devotion to you. I shouted your name out in the cliffs, and it echoes and created a lover’s melody.

watching the sunset…

Why do I feel sad, whenever the sun bades goodbye?  Why do I feel sad when the sun finally vowed out among the ridge in the distance? Am I afraid that the memory of you will also leave me too soon? Even if I tried to stop the hands of time from turning, I am in my sweet surrender.  But I know, that someday, in another time, in another place, there will be you and me.  I know that even if it’s not me who is there with you, I will always wanted what makes you happy.  And it is enough that I have loved you the way I could.


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I can still see the images in the ricefield.  A young boy in search for fresh camote shoots in the parched soil.  And alas,  he digs for more. It seems to him that he is digging for a gold mine.  With a smile, he pauses to see his shadows elongating almost reaching the end of an acre. He breathes the tangy smell of the dust as if all the world is out of reach in the horizon.

How crisp they were, the colors of yesterday? The kite flies as soon as it appears soaring high in the clouds.  And the dream of flying overwhelms a soul. Am I not afraid then?

As the music played by the bamboo tree.  I can still sense the tranquil chorus of birds perched on its branches.  Can it be the lovely sways of the coconut leaves, that made me sleep underneath?

No one has ever told me that the young boy can be me. I have almost forgotten the playground of my childhood.  That was the place I have believed that there’s such a wide world.  And I have believed that soon I will be sojourning new wide open spaces.

I have returned to hummed a lullabye to your ear. I have returned to glimpse the old age beauty I have made myself be satisfied with.  I have returned to kiss the earth and pay homage to you, oh sunset in my field of dreams.

My grandmom is here with me on her deathbed. As I am singing and humming the beautiful rhythms of  past memories, I remember. I know that when I caress the skin of her hands, I have once again touch the earth.  And when I feel her heartbeat, I have been reminded of beautiful days.  And when I have wiped her tears away, I have been assured that my fears will also roll away.

She is the reason why I have not feared yesterday.  That after the sunset is the sunrise. She makes me enjoy the sunset and never be afraid of the darkness foreboding.

She knows.  She will.  That the young boy can still be me.  Full of believing that tomorrow I will keep digging on wide open spaces.

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