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Some say love is never about speed but a slow

unfurling of beauty- gentle and unhurried.

That makes the difference between the passing

of time and the crafting of masterpiece-

not everyone is interested reading about angst.


And you fail to notice that everyone’s engaged

to their own brand of narcissism- they maintain

to survive and keep up one’s reputation.


And if you think that poets spend their lives

holed up in their four cornered walls and a window

looking in from the world changing night and day.

Self-absorbed about  feelings or digging of the past

and wanting for love that they never have.


Or won’t have.


Some say about exiles to another country

or to another time or another space would

make people stalk on your mysticism.

Or the lyricism of recording things-

one have chosen to leave behind.


You can be exiled even without a room.

That is easy- while you walk around nonchalant

and pretend you didn’t carry anything.

You must know how heavy it is to bring

one line of a poem and to bravely express it.


Who says poetry is a dying art? I say otherwise.

For centuries, poets mined gold, toiling the minds

of men and keep them going on despite travails.

Ranting about their lost loves, lost paradise

or lost keys of their hearts.

Or lost childhood. Or lost future.


Art that was losing chances and losing hope.

That made poems became songs sung out loud.

It became pieces of conversation. In the streets.

And in the way people speak. To sell. To buy

affection and things people would want

and impress people whom they would want

to belong with. But this will never be.

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If songs would be puzzle pieces

to a childhood I thought was lost,

then I turn on the radio to hear

the steady stream of memories

flashing back. The lyrics would

tell you how I cling to the rhythms

getting through the rough days

veering deeper into a hiding place

I sought against tough times.

And a tear I shed reminiscing

it’s only yesterday when I tried

to erase the footprints of the past.

Never to remember the episode

of those sad melodies that I strum

on my guitar. Weeping.

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The tides finally embrace
Its long-time lover
Immaculately veiled
As it marches. White
Kisses soothing
The parched
And the laden.

The joy of the morning
And witnesses throng.
The sky’s tenderness,
spreading its golden feathers
Waving in jubilation.

With wind songs joined
In chorus by the seabirds
Of nature’s pure harmony.
With sun’s soft light
Sealed a promise
Of love’s eternity.
This secret place
of your shores.

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Country Music

I really love the outdoors.  But I am not outgoing as I can be.  I love to view snapshots and that’s what I can do.  I tried to shy away from the sun, because it’ll get my skin darker again. Ha ha ha.  ( So much with my imperialistic leanings).

Anyway, I happen to browse my old photographs and reminisce my adventures with the verdant mountains, green fields and the blue seas. And I will not post them here.  Maybe sometime, if I muster enough courage to post them. He he he.

Who knows Alison Krauss and the Union Station? With track hit "Baby Now That I Have Found You" fame and the most decoratedly Grammy bluegrass singer/ songwriter, and the most of all the use of dobro as a musical accompaniment, she has taken me knees bow down.  And my romance with country music continues to rage until this moment.  Name it all, Shania Twain, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Dixie Chicks, Martina Mcbride, Reba McEntyre, Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, Leann Rimes, Alan Jackson, Sara Evans, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw etc.  And the new addition Carrie Underwood of the American Idol fame. They seem to flood my world with good and great music.

In the Philippines, we view country music genre as novelty songs whose fame only concentrated handfully in the far flung provinces. In US, this is not the case, their tradition and American culture has been furtherly enhanced through country music which continuously flourishing in the music trade.

Country music evokes simplicity and the richness of the outdoors.  The tale of lovers sun soaked and bathed with the glory of nature. The sweet melodies of the prairie and the hills.  And the memory how simple life and the hours seem to expand through the day.  And the uncomplicated helter skelter of everyday life in the rural communities.

Well, it is quite a contradiction inside of my mind. I am enjoying country music while my lifestyle is an urbanite.  I guess, it happens to strike a balance somehow.  And to keep my sanity and not be blinded with the superficial tendencies of this world.

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