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We’re always busy looking for happiness.

Busy making plans, mimic activities

of dispensing affection and raising children.

Busy in keeping the house tidy

and filed work lives in order.


Yes, we equate activity as success,

careers into trophies to loathe

and assume that life’s a real deal.

We’re all children, who’ve just counting

the numbers of our ages.


Assuming love instead of acceptance

of filling holes to our incompleteness.

Assuming eloquence instead of verbalizing

concepts we’re far about to understand.

Assuming spirituality instead  of an escape

to seek truth to which is not absolute.

Assuming entitlements instead of the reality

that we get them by returning favors.


When are we going to stop faking?

Appearing genial yet we’re bleeding.


Our bloods roll like money in the banks.

Cashing them out from the machines

to find that we spent money

on growing more money like trees.


And yet, the meaning of happiness

is as elusive as a slippery fish

which ventures deep into oceans.

We pretend as children who knows

how to swim. But we’re afraid

of drowning against the current.

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