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It is Sunday (I hope it’s Saturday)

still I dread about the things

that need sorting, or mending

or keeping the weekly life in order.


At the routine and the job not started.

Of promises I keep on procrastinating.

When I complain that time is not enough

but I spent most of it thinking how


will I ever escape the inner tensions

that keep gnawing my brain, restless

and un-contained, filled with regrets

I ought to pace with speed to numb me.


For the plates and cups that need washing.

For the pieces of clothing that need ironing.

For the broken fixtures that need fixing.

For the furnitures that need dusting.


And Monday will come. When you wish away

it is weekend when you get the alibi to be lazy

on Friday. Pretending you work hard but counting

four more days and you slam down the paperwork


bolting out for freedom. Still it is Sunday.

I hope it is Saturday, better nights on Friday.

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I skipped my regular routine attending church services in the morning that Friday.  A week ago, I have already informed our pastor that I plan to attend the Industrial Area church service instead in the evening.  I also missed out our church choir practice that night, which I am so sad about. 

We braved the dusty road leading to Industrial Area. When we have arrived at the place, it was a regular accommodation building intended for company workers.  The road leading to the building is quite notorious with potholes and mountain of construction debris on the side.   We reach the worship place after winding up seven staircases worth of our stamina, of climbing the steps. The place of worship is located in the rooftop.  About 24 sq.m. approximately, capable of seating around 20 people, right there along with the clothesline of wet laundry left out to dry.

The truth is, I am not expecting it.  Of all places, to hold a church service.  A rooftop towering over other rooftops of factory buildings in the midst of desert wind and the usual darkness of the evening.  I am used to attending house of worship with the comfort of sheltering oneself against the external elements, such as rain, heat and dry wind.  That night is a wake up call.  Believers are called upon to honor the Sabbath, wherever, whenever and whatever it takes.  Be it under the shade of the tree, or under the canopy of the bridge, or an open field. 

I am deeply humbled by the fact that here in the wide stretch of the desert, away from the comforts of the homeland, people who are disciplined in faith, are braving the routinary grind of their overseas life, partially isolated to the urban centers.   This is mission’s work,  a life dedicated to the cause of bringing the Gospel to the far reaches of places.  Administering the continuous flow of the message and strengthening people’s faith in God.

I admire my pastor, who is a missionary himself, for the kind of passion he have for the lost  souls and bringing them all to Christian faith.   His silent ways are a steady yet constant reminder that complacency has no place in Christian service.  Believers are ought to steer clear of their comfort zones, sacrificing time and effort for building up Christ’s work and taking upon each the individual God’s calling in putting into action all the Christian training they have learned.

I admire my friend Grace, who chose to become a full-time missionary, while administering translation of the gospel to the native tounges of the tribes among the hinterlands of Mindanao and Luzon back home.  She already had the chance to go to India, for some introductory mission’s work as part of her trainings.

Sometimes, it is a pity, when I hear myself, complaining about being so tired to get up early in the morning to begin my morning prayers.  Sometimes, it is a pity, when I see myself, scrambling over reading best-sellers in the night rather than having a bible reading of a chapter or two. Now it occured to me, that what I am doing for the kingdom is not enough.  Christian life calls for able and willing men of faith to stand up and do the work.  Whatever the circumstances may be or a situation they are in. 

The next time, I will go to the Industrial Area to have my Friday church service there.  I need to listen to what God is saying to me, visually.

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Jogging has long been forgotten from my daily routine.  But as a way of tweaking my predictable life of black and white,  I had made a brave step towards redefining the physical aspects of my being.  I am completely aware that I am approaching fast to middle life that  I should be a little responsible for bringing back myself in top shape.

Today, in the chilly dawn, I have dragged this sluggish couch potato into subjection. Over and over, I have conditioned myself to afford this judicious exercise to liberate some of my disproportionate excesses.  Block by block, I jog the distances realizing that I am taking myself into a new-found liberty from this monotonous helter skelter of my existence.

I need to break the chain of my unhealthy habits.  I need to revamp my old ideas in taking care of my body and mind. I need to break free from my indecision to take necessary steps in rejuvenating my physical adaptability.

These were the mantras that propelled me to be confident once more and take control.  Avoiding the mental overload of the continuous workmill.  And besides, I am not doing this for impression. But it is rather, a test to gauge how far I can go to defy the programmed patterns of my thinking.

I know that it seems too late for me to consider this but I need to pull this off successfully.  If others can do it, so why can’t I? I will not be so contented about thinking that what I wanted is to go an extra mile.  An extra push. Since there is no harm in trying.

I never intended to be a Mr. Universe. But for a fact,  I only wanted to be here for the longest possible time to flex more of my mental aptitude and be capable of having the energy to live another day.  My health is my wealth.  That I think, is a  justification why I should be more pro-active about living healthy.

That means more time to appreciate the beautiful sensibilities of nature along the way.  That means more opportunity to bond with people and create lasting friendships.  That means freedom to reinvigorate my seemingly dull life.

You can almost list down all the optimism I am having for the moment. But I am enjoying every bit of it.  A new perspective. A new zest.  A new quest. For something that is worth trying.  And hopefully I could emerge as a better person in a whole new light.

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