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A silhouette of a stranger

divides the cable wires

and the rugged highway.

The afterthought

this twilight casting

petrified shadows.

Blurring visions

of the tempest tossed

are gathering storms

in his oblivion.


His quiet stares

from the sideroad

fills a void

among stratus clouds

sojourning distances.

Seeing past roadsigns.

Crossing through bridges

and some ditches

winding through,

for solitary meaning.


The stranger moves on

to wide open spaces.

Horizon travelled by

fading to endless

miles and miles- of his

counting cable wires.

Where ebbs and crests

of hanging raindrops

are waiting to fall

between his deep sighs.

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I am sitting here. Stranger as I am. Finally, this is the freedom I always wanted. No one obliged me to be here. Just as my whole being in its truest moment. One with the wind and the sea.

I am sitting here. Just letting the blue sky engulf me. As I record each frame of sea images in my memory. I wanted to remember how the tides rush upon the shore. And the feeling of something has been unloaded. Of something that has been there all along and waiting to be found.

I am sitting here. Trying to befriend the seabirds and letting them believe that I am also one of them. Who could fly. And like the sea, I will be always be coming home. No matter how far my sojourns are.

I am sitting here. Without a care. Just breathing within me the solitude of keeping still. Trying to take in the magnitude of the universe and expanding my soul to the depths of the sea. As far as I can see, I will reach them and my spirit will be one with the waves. Silently it rolls, and I am in complete surrender.

I am sitting here. In contentment that any sea, even from far places are connected. No limits. No boundaries. Willingly to go where the wind chooses. In the distance the horizon faded into the sky.

I wanted to be on this same spot, sitting and let me remember that life has to be lived one day at a time. Where tomorrow will take care of itself and what matters is today.

These, in my quiet contemplation, I have known.

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