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Beyond the years and graying hairs

I am keeping in a book of dreams.


Like dried leaves and dried petals

flooding my way  to the mailbox,

togetherness is just one simple note

of words handwritten in a page.


And in my dreams I am trading places

of happy photographs and postcards.

Those promises that fill my head

I am dreaming still. Wondering


what’s like to be on the other side

traversing like pigeons. Drifting on

edifices, and parks, and monuments,

wide-eyed in surprise, collecting moments.


This morning, I waited for the postman

dropping another note to my mailbox.

And I’ll begin to step back in time

miles and miles away from yesterday.


Wishing and hoping memories can be

such like these,  just keeping souvenirs. 

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Crisp sounds of the crushing snow

chills sensation to the eager toes.

with ice castles and the snowman

lovingly smile at this skiing yard.


Pieces of white cloud softly fall

Like angel’s hair in a divine show

Frost filled in the ivory horizon

A postcard captured joy of seasons.


Sweet embrace of the midnight sun,

Misty air swirls in magical swarms

Like a tapestry the ice lovingly drapes

This once nostalgic landscape.


The icicles hang on the limpid branch

Where its palms canopied phalanx

Of towering giants among the forest

freezing its once watery flesh.


Greenery lost in this wintry shade

bathed  in milky whitened frail

fingers shimmering, glittering

showering dust of creamy dreams.

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" If you never say goodbye to the best things in your life, there are things you don’t appreciate at all.  So it’s best that you don’t try holding back the time.  Are you ever gonna be quite satisfied?" This song has such a meaning to me.  For the longest time, I have been a fan of the Lighthouse Family through such anthemic music they had.

Tough times are special times. When the time is nearing that you want to quit it all, there you will find strength.  When you are approached with circumstances that challenge your abilities, there you will find courage.  When it seems you are facing a blank wall and nowhere to go, there you will find peace.

There are decisions you have to make.  And you have to think clearly before you act.  Decisions are always two-sided. A two way course, that choosing another will lead to a lasting change about your life’s destiny.  Sometimes, you need to be braver than you think and hope that God steers you into a direction He only knows.

Even if you try to map out your life’s course, still, it will wind up to something you don’t expect.  That makes the saying goes right, that you cannot control all the situations, but what you can control is your mind and emotions in dealing with it.

The best that you can do is to ride the tide of your life. Be it strong. Be it slow. Be it hard.  If I only have been a little braver to make a stand.  I need to make a choice.  To be firm for each decisions I am making and stop blaming the circumstances and other people if I fail. 

Well, it is better that I decide and try, rather than  thinking too long and I waste the time doing nothing.  I better keep myself accept that life is what I make it and no other person is responsible for my well-being. 

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