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We’re always busy looking for happiness.

Busy making plans, mimic activities

of dispensing affection and raising children.

Busy in keeping the house tidy

and filed work lives in order.


Yes, we equate activity as success,

careers into trophies to loathe

and assume that life’s a real deal.

We’re all children, who’ve just counting

the numbers of our ages.


Assuming love instead of acceptance

of filling holes to our incompleteness.

Assuming eloquence instead of verbalizing

concepts we’re far about to understand.

Assuming spirituality instead  of an escape

to seek truth to which is not absolute.

Assuming entitlements instead of the reality

that we get them by returning favors.


When are we going to stop faking?

Appearing genial yet we’re bleeding.


Our bloods roll like money in the banks.

Cashing them out from the machines

to find that we spent money

on growing more money like trees.


And yet, the meaning of happiness

is as elusive as a slippery fish

which ventures deep into oceans.

We pretend as children who knows

how to swim. But we’re afraid

of drowning against the current.

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Today, marks my two hundred and one days of solitude.

It gave me a sense of fulfillment to know that I have stayed through all these years writing the many vivid facets of my mind, heart and soul. Writing became my constant companion whom I can share and reflect on the intimate, smallest and minutest detail in life we often take for granted.

For the longest time, I have used poetry as a creative platform to express the richness of my personal experiences and the joy of the inner travels I have had.  I have had prose/essay  pieces before, but I have decided to channel my creative energy to poetry as the less exposed literary medium and thereby avoiding the pitfalls of being confessional.

As I have said before,  it is my intention to utilize this blog for the purpose of personal expression. It was not my intention to commercialize my creative output for monetary gain or seeking personal favors from anyone or any business entity. 

With the creative collaboration with my fellow blog writer friends, I acknowledge the tremendous help I have gained through their constructive feedback that develop me more maturely in tackling explorative writing subjects. I am poised to continue writing without constraint on the boundaries of belief, religion, age, philosophy or political ideology.  I maintained a free but a sober mind discoursing the merits of our humanity without prejudice and without the sacrifice of the value system I uphold.

Nevertheless, may the years ahead prove to be a fruitful creative writing endeavor.  It was my hope, that my creative writing serves as an inspiration, an honest reflection, and an essential guide to the paths of self-discovery, higher level of understanding and this life’s noble existence.

To my readers, I thank you for the valuable friendship, readership and patronage you have given me through all the years. This, I consider as an anchor for me to forge ahead and keep on writing.

I would like to share the prose/ essay / poetry listed in my book of days as follows;

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3)      Work

4)      Childhood Friendship (Part 1)

5)      Young At Heart

6)      Amarantine (Enya)

7)      Before Sunrise

8)      Breakout

9)      Happiness Is A Hammock Under A Shady Tree

10)  Farewell To Sunset

11)  My China Connection

12)  If You Never Say Goodbye

13)  Four Corners of Isolation

14)  Man In The Mirror

15)  Ladies in Lavender

16)  Starwars Saga

17)  Capsule Of Perfect Moment

18)  Overwhelmingly Entertained By Poverty

19)  The Kite

20)  Afraid Of The Future

21)  Burning Ladder Into Oblivion

22)  Lucid

23)  Elegy To The Departed

24)  Sunday Music Blues

25)  Commodity Of Choice

26)  Top Ten Picks On The Youth Chart

27)  Voices Of The Walking Merchant

28)  Universe Of Virtual Worlds

29)  White Flag

30)  Autumnal Equinox

31)  Indeed

32)  Liberty From Monotony

33)  Dead Poet’s Society

34)  Singlehood

35)  Hongkong In My Mind

36)  Pay Scales

37)  Antisocial

38)  Rude Awakening

39)  Diary

40)  Outsourced Economy

41)  Great Leaping Forward

42)  Tombstones

43)  City Surrealist

44)  Filtered Through

45)  Paradigm Shift

46)  October Rain

47)  Nocturne

48)  Deja’vu

49)  Hedonistic Survival

50)  Two Women

51)  Anger Scythe

52)  Refusing To Learn

53)  Waiting Room

54)  Quotes From My Fave Movies

55)  Passion For The Arts

56)  A Long Year’s Sabbath

57)  Daylight

58)  United 93

59)  Half-Filled

60)  A Prayer

61)  Ratholes And Bay Reveries

62)  In The Silence Of The Heart

63)  Sorting Out Life

64)  Rock Bottom

65)  Angling For A Kill

66)  Little Wings

67)  Frame Of A Thought

68)  Journey To Neverland

69)  A Nugget Of A Kindness

70)  Dreaming Of Pakistan

71)  No Explanations

72)  In The Foothills Of Fujairah

73)  This Way Up

74)  The Rebel

75)  Long Wait

76)  Promise Of Rain

77)  Whiskey Lullaby

78)  Trip To Quiapo

79)  Anachronism

80)  Conform To Belong

81)  Beautiful Mind

82)  Snapshots From The Edge

83)  Dream Believer

84)  30 Minutes

85)  Happy Kid

86)  Munad

87)  A Teacher’s Worth

88)  Love Letters In The Sand

89)  On A Moonless Night

90)  Quiet Contemplation

91)  Classmates In Grade School

92)  Return To Innocence

93)  Drafter’s Board

94)  Rendezvous

95)  Urban Owl

96)  Slow As The Wind Blows

97)  Chance Passenger

98)  Bottom Dollar

99)  One Foggy Morning

100)    3:100

101)    Winter’s Ode

102)    Soledad

103)    Visions Of Arabia

104)    Last Sixty Seconds

105)    Rocket Idea

106)    Unknown

107)    Dinner For Two

108)    Musings Of A Thirty Something

109)    Words To Live By

110)    Life Uncommon

111)    Canine Memories

112)    Rehearsing Love

113)    Blank Canvas In A Lazy Afternoon

114)    Highway And The Stranger

115)    Paper Trail

116)    The Day I Met The One

117)    While Listening Alison Krauss

118)    Like A Desert Meets The Rain

119)    Some Faded Photographs

120)    Haiku To A Hideaway

121)    Death Of A Little Bird

122)    Solace

123)    Absent Minded

124)    Confessional As Plath

125)    The Wake-up Call

126)    Halfway Through A Page

127)    Black And White

128)    Aurora Borealis

129)    Musically Challenged

130)    Embers

131)    Memories Are Cheap

132)    Pasig River And The Warrior Child

133)    New Leaf On Living

134)    Bicycle Ride

135)    I Left The World As It Is

136)    Paint The Words

137)    Adaptation

138)    Reflections On The Puddles

139)    Tickets

140)    Moonscape

141)    A Moth In The Flame

142)    Clothesline

143)    Sketches

144)    Monochrome

145)    Bedspace

146)    Captive In Babylon

147)    Vignette On Yesterday

148)    Bye Bye, Yellow Butterfly

149)    Chiaroscuro

150)    Prairie Walk

151)    Lost For Words

152)    Sundown Over Umm Ghuwailina

153)    Ryan

154)    Kinesthetic

155)    Counting

156)    Alphabet

157)    Ghost Whisperer

158)    Orion’s Belt

159)    Rhapsody In Blue

160)    Click Shut Down

161)    The Solitary Task Of Writing

162)    Immersion

163)    Stamps And Postmarks

164)    An Everyman’s Tragedy

165)    Paper Boats

166)    Birthday Candle

167)    Second Thought

168)    Nil

169)    Lukewarm

170)    Touchdown

171)    Ink Must Wait

172)    Great Divide

173)    Sugar For Coffee

174)    Half Truth

175)    On The Last Chapter

176)    Quatrain For The Dying Tree

177)    Dapples

178)    Keys To Some Secrets

179)    Wind Swept

180)    Detached

181)    To Pablo Neruda

182)    Opaque

183)    Scribbling

184)    Burned Bridges

185)    Moonquake

186)    She Sings

187)    Parachute

188)    Earth Sounds

189)    Oeuvre

190)    Watermark

191)    Once Solitary Shell

192)    Grandfather’s Clock

193)    Vanishing Point

194)    Nightfall

195)    Tryst

196)    Laundry For The Firstborn

197)    Finding The Light

198)    Bliss

199)    Phantom Of A Dream

200)    Avalanche

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Always been on a safe side. Preferences would always be the same. The same habit. The same color. The same attitude. Never venturing outside the comfort zone.  Almost made me wonder, if this kind of conservatism and restraint is quite common among my generation?

Or is it some kind of book that has prescribed a norm, a standard to follow through, in almost every aspect of our everyday life.  It is like somebody dictating, that you should wear this; you should try that; you must have this or you should dump that. 

To have or to have not. To be or not to be. Each of the segments of the society, varied as they may be, left something for the mind to contend with. To be confused with. The choices. The prejudices. The biases. The preferences.

Each, whatever it may be, can be debated along with. Dissected with reasons.  Reasons that appeared to be valid. Reasons that are founded according to personal circumstances. 

As we age along, society expects changes.  Society expects diversity. But in the scheme of things, people do follow a set of life patterns quite unique and eventually beneficial to them.  They create a social circle that caters to the needs of their self-esteem.  They conform to belong.

And oftentimes, they are afraid of alienating themselves and to be tagged as uncommon.  To be branded as subversive. They continue to live monotonously.

Change is good. But it has to be something new. Motivating people to become inspiring and become better individuals. And at the same time, cultivate a spirit of dynamism and creativity and infect this into others.  May it be among the established.  May it be something about the way people live.

Well, you would not be just the  same one as ten years as before. Would you? Say, change would do you good.

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Experiencing the present like yesterday.  As the word suggest it.  I had it in the past, as I recall occurences about present situations wherein I felt that it happened before. Countless times, I am left wondering if I am just going back like reversed sequences of the time machine. It is totally unexplainable.

In 2000, my first job is involved in Feng-shui, an oriental Chinese esoteric arts that is being studied in college as part of our Architectural Theories subject. It’s a collection of beliefs and traditions that are being strictly enforced in house design and construction, if one wants to have good fortune  and a case of good luck in every aspects of his life.  By adhering to these principles, one is being assured that misfortunes, bad luck and bad energy vibrations  will be held at bay.

My employer who happens to author a feng-shui book has given me the task of encoding the diagrams, periodic charts and comparative calendar cycles, apart from my usual CAD drafting works.  For me, this additional workload is uncalled for and somewhat unrelated to my job description. But because I am in a dire need of work then as a new college graduate, I did not complain.

In the course of doing my share of encoding this repetitive tasks, I came accross some intriguing entries in the comparative calendar cycles.  A group of Chinese people believes that a certain part of a day of a year repeats after one complete interpolations of time has been completed. Simply put, for example, a day in October, 1910 with all its elements combined that appears the same day in October, 2005, presupposes that any occurences or any weather conditions on that day will just repeat.

So it was, I suspect, that Western scientists have taken this gist to conclude that creating a time machine such as that in the movie "Somewhere in Time" is possible. In the theory, one has to go back in the perfect setup of time in its four dimensional attributes. If the ancient teachings on Feng-shui will be the basis for such an assumption, it will prove right.

I had an occurence way back in high school.  When I look out in the window in the late afternoon, I have a strong gut feel that the scenario I am seeing has already happen. The same set of the gloomy day.  The same wind blowing through the leaves of the nearby trees.  The same form and alignment of the clouds in the sky.  And the same passersby in the street.  It’s all the same. 

As I am younger, I just brushed this thoughts aside.  But now that I had the chance to compare the notes from the book my boss has authored, I begin to have retrospective remembrance of the many times I came accross with this experience.  I thought maybe, some of the days I am observing to be similar are just a mistaken interpretation of what I have in my nightly dreams.

I do not intend to persuade anybody into believing this phenomenon. But having it experienced myself, gives me a little inclination to test its truth and credibility.  I cannot be just the same "X-files" characters who are out there searching for the truth because I have totally accepted a different point of view now when I became a Christian.  But for the sake of discussing this,  I just let this facts open, straight and plain simple.

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Its all about the strict regimented all boys school where Robin Williams play an English Literature teacher who defied the conventions of traditional thinking and methods of teaching.  His character delved deeper into exposing the ills of the educational institution that keeps the medieval   struggle for  prestige and shallow self-esteem among its students. 

It is no different in our present society.  This film carries the obvious. Exposes the classic battles. Of wits and prejudice. And the politics of norms and standards.  What mars the genuine purpose of education is the mediocre visualization of intellectual propensities and ullulations by higher echelons of academics.

They have profited like vultures.  And the carcasses of hapless majority still claiming education as the only salvation lie in wait the doomsday knocking.  Education teaches us to be consumers of vomitted intellectual trash hanging in there for almost centuries. Education miscalculated the need of a society for consistency and diversity of cultures to sustain civilization.

Real education is an expression. A culmination of  life’s experiences. A spirited consumption of the senses. The one that divides stratifications of a human being into a vivid image of self. A euphimism of realistic to abstraction. And the metaphor of plain into ornate.

Who needs irrelevance? Being contained like a fish in a bowl. Living in a four-cornered wall of existence. Standing beside the picket fences of high class rundown. Does irrelevance make sense to those who breaches the edges of sanity to ascertain the worth of this pseudo-learning?

An artist. The one who have been in a kaleidoscopic juggle of uncertainty to pinpoint the certain. Exploring the condition of the society that reflects an era. And where wisdom never fails to connect the future and its simplistic cycle of rebirth. 

If all in this world may decay, the words of the poet will not.  If all the world falls deep into the abyss, the vision of a painter will not.  Theirs is a world who can hold their own against the vagrancies of the hypocritical and the commercialized.

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