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Watching a Peter Pan movie evokes the illusory  and wonders of childish fantasies we learn to symphatize with.  We miss the adventures and the circumstances surrounding with this little boy who refused to grow up. We will be forever haunted by the craving of how we wish that we can be so much younger but not powerless.  Instead, it is a bold statement that even then, we as a child assert our own independence and freedom to experience this child in us.

But things have changed.  The idea that we can fly like Peter Pan is but a distant childhood wonder that has faded through the years.  We cannot deny the fact, that soon we will be fathers and mothers of those fragile beings waiting to explore this vague realities of this world.  And it is amazing to note that we become another mouthpiece of a Peter Pan story.

The problem with Peter Pan is that he is forever trapped into that surrealistic world, only to live in a web of manufactured dreams.  He stopped to be challenged and criss-crossed by the reality.  He failed to see the beauty and the blessing of maturity by being contented to remain as a child.

We cannot remain to be child. Let us accept that our life shifts into a newer and braver perspective of adulthood, where the responsibility is of heavier weight.  We cannot play as long as we wanted because our life is only short.  Therefore, we need to make up. To catch up.

And it is meaningless to say that the world is our playground.  There are nobler things that is needed to be done in the hope of making a more enriched life.  A life that is worth a breather.

Neverland is just fitting to be remembered as a place where childhood stops a clock.  Presently, to learn that our journey to Neverland must stop somewhere.  It has come into a saturation point wherein, you and I needs to grow up to assume a bigger responsibility.  It is in the knowing that our childhood past doesn’t define our future.

We cannot remain wallowing in the past.  We must come into terms with what will bring us into fruition of the things that we have hoped for.  Such as what we find would make us a defined and purposeful individual.  Treating the world like one big workshop to work on. To make us better.  To make us stronger.

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