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My hands perspire from the grip

I need to loosen up.  Bringing in the air

to these burning palms laid down from commanding-

life directions in the intersection of good and bad.

The right from wrong.  I twist and turn in indecision.

Bending  and yielding.  Speeding up and slowing down.

I try to break down the clods of earth

from forming  into mounds of rock.

I try to make a path through the grass

and keep the weeds from growing.


I try to calm down my reflexes and think

that the tyres won’t leave the road

and it’ll continue chasing the horizon

until that cul-de-sac to begin again

turning in circles. I gave up the throne,

to allow the changing of hands

of the driver seat into that passenger,

I surrender for the first time. Watching

someone else’s lording over the brakes 

and keep moving the distances away.

Away from  myself.  Trusting.

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Today, I am enjoying my brisk walking in the sunshine, walking through the noisy and hurried crowd of departing passengers at the kerbside of the departures entry.  Then I pass by the arrival area.  There, the throng of people are  waiting for their acquaintances.  For their friends. For their families.

These are everyday occurrences here at the airport.  People come and go.  And the world is becoming smaller and smaller.  And airports are rigid entry points of security checking.  Of people being procedurally screened of their identities.  With a passport and a visa, notwithstanding a plane ticket for the journey.

I admit of my affinity to the idea of flying.  To airplanes. To uniformed cabin crews. To the view of the sky, the clouds, the islands and the sea in mid-air.  I like the idea of waiting in the departure lounges with the big sky framed by the window panes.

I like the sight of the apron and the runway.  I like the sight of airplanes parked  there at the apron with a number of lories.  I like the sight of the conveyor belts with luggages and packages lining up and circling around it.  Like expectant beings waiting to be picked up by its owner and carried through the trolley.

I look at life like that of an airport.  I consider, that, we are all passengers waiting for the flight with our luggages and packages, ready to be screened. May it be a booked flight with a guaranteed seat or in some occasions, on a waiting list .  A chance passenger.

I have never been a chance passenger.  I booked my flights in advance.

But in real life, I guess, I have been in many times, depended on chances.  A chance to be better. So I have tried and tried even if I fail most of the time.   A chance to be what I am destined to be. Even if I know the odds I will be facing is hard. 

A chance to be true to myself.  Even if people may have a different take on it, contradicting on my own.  A chance to love.  Even if I risk rejection, deception and hurt.  A chance to live.  Even if I face hardships and sharp detours in life.

I believe, we, are given the chance, to ride our airplanes.  To reach a destination.  But no one knew or can predict, how smooth or bumpy the ride might be.  No one knew what might happen in midway. 

But passengers, like us in real life, are  taught in each journey of safety instructions . Of aircraft features being explained.  So that  when things go wrong, we know of evacuation procedures.  We know how to survive.

It is up to us, how we  have understood.  It is up to us how we are going to put those learning into action. 

So the next time, when you had your chance to be in a flight.  Use every opportunity to make it better and enjoy it.  And be guided by what you have learned to make it right in life.  And if something came out unexpectedly. Don’t get stucked there.  Move on and take action.

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Who would ever thought that 40 innocent lives will be taken in that perilous day of

September 11, 2001

of a commercial
flight United Airlines 93? Even the
captain and the crew doesn’t have any clues that what awaits for them in
mid-air is a tragedy that silences reason and understanding.


In this film’s gripping drama, explores different dimensions
of human emotion in the wake of
impending death and hopelessness. Of how the passengers, in the different courses of their lives have
finally gathered and shared one thing in common: their greatest human tragedy.
In which reason, tells us they don’t deserved. Their innocence adds gravity to
this senseless battle of ideologies and religious belief which happens in
real-time. In real world.  Theirs is a
ripping experience of anguish, puzzlement and total surrender to fate.


But their face-off with the possibility of death gives them
courage to fight back the devils of fear
and indecision. Their human resolve  and
nationalism was put into real test against
their individual safety and salvation. They
have managed to maneuver the aircraft to miss its target; the White House.


If given the chance that I’d be experiencing the same
tragedy, I didn’t know if I can handle that tremendous amount of pain. I didn’t know if I could be able to rise onto
my feet in courage to fight back. I
didn’t know if I could be able to say goodbye without shedding  tears.


Given the last 60 seconds to say goodbye, mine, maybe only a
word of thank you. Thanking my loved one
of the chance that I have been given of comfort and protection of their
love. Thanking the Supreme Being for
giving me the chance to live and let see the beauty there is in life. Thanking the circumstances, in which I
couldn’t have discovered faith and courage in the face of death and misery.


And maybe this film, has assuredly awaken me to my
senses. That you and I never knows when
our lives will end. Giving us a
monumental reason to live the days as if it is our last. 


Oh, how I regretted the days I have wasted doing nothing
significantly. The days I should have spent loving, caring and nurturing
relationships. The days that should have been filled with good memories,
not with mundane things in which would lay insignificant after our physical strengths and destinies
failed us.


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