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I had some beers the night before.

She left me with a dark cloud

hang in there, just hang in there-

swing like a pendulum.

Of clocks pulling, pushing

and shoving the minutes

and the hours’ languor

of transient bedsheets

into mundane abeyance.


Then, in a morning rush

I’ll slip on my pants

in disbelief dismissing thoughts

of a terrible one night stand.

Zapping my way through

crowded streets with people

who puts on their masks-

their prim and proper quietude.


I serenade my way to the desk

letting the dirty fingers

behave and do the 9 to 5 walk

within this cubicle wonderland.

That non-reversible jargon

to earn a living or making a living.

Day job, night life.


I need some bucks to spare

doing my rounds again.

Prancing in the moonlight,

kissing strangers of the wild.

Until I find myself waking up

on the wrong side of the world.

Start the day as if nothing happens

last night. I only keep the job.

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