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Here, walks people

wasting not a second

navigating urgent missions.

Without halt, in cycles

coming to and from,

fast and slow. We walk

alongside the bobbing sea

of heads and shoulders.


There goes a man

who is in a hurry

to catch his train.

While the woman

will just be in time

to make it with an appointment.

Some guy chases a girl.

And a working mom

squeezing in the crowd while

talking on her mobile phone.


Like them,

this pavement

lay a mute witness

to strangers who make their way

onward to destinations-

to directions

precisely peg-marked

as milestones to life.


Turning left and right,

brushing past signals

and pedestrian crossings

colliding like busy ants.

Our back’s two steps ahead

to the ones whom we have left

behind. Existing as familiar

tourist walking our two legs

in an imaginary life machine.

No one notices the other.

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A sleek and stylish Motorola mobile phone greeted my eyes on a Sunday morning. Gorgeously tempting. The mere sight of it once again sent me into a spiraling and excited mood.  Time flies and here is a sight where technology has gotten another ride into my senses.

My cousin recently bought one.  And how I envy her for being able to acquire something that is worth a slash to the pocket. My goodness! I could have easily bought that kind of phone if not for my being so thrifty and having set firm priorities over money.

But really, it made me calculate. I began reminiscing the times I had money to dispense for such huge purchases.  I could have stuffed my satchel with what connectivity can afford me but maybe it’s not such a pressing priority.

I have been through a lot with keeping up with the flattery and the vanity of accessing the best of technology.  As if my whole personality  hinges  on what can be defined or dictated by how updated a human being can be that relates with high technology and the latest trends.

Or have I passed on the feeling of being uncontented with what still works for me and with what has to be maintained?  Maybe I dread the feeling of filling up my not-so-confident self.  Of insecurities. And having these things as a put on.  A show-off.

But again, I have nothing against to those who can afford to keep up with the fashion trend. I am just trying to verbalize my rationale on why I did put a firm resolve not to give in putting those big and sweaty wads of money into those so-called bursar busters.  Maybe I have learn too much of my money woes. So painful and dear to me.

And since I am talking about a mobile phone.  After two unsuccessful attempts to keep my mobile phones, I had for a time decided to avail the latest one by applying through a credit finance to pay-off the bill.  But I never thought, that this urge to be updated will put me into a tremendous pressure of financial breakdown.

In 2004, I am in a bad financial condition, having to pay-off the loaned amount to purchase the mobile phone and by keeping payment. I needed to pawned some of my jewelry, when I became jobless.  When money stops rolling, then I started defaulting payments.  And the ensuing battle of surmounting demand letters and pawn reminders followed.

I hit it rock bottom.  I remember the ugly sight of desperation. I have switched jobs after another. I barely had a decent paycheck to pay off the principal amount of the loan.  And I remember having countless visits to the pawnshop for extending my payment terms and paying the interest.  I remember that moment that I only had 75 centavos down in my little coin purse. I was penniless and disheartened.

I have cursed the day I started chaining myself with wanting and getting.  And I have promised to myself that I will never go down through that dark alley of debt-laden days.  I would not let myself be sucked up in that quagmire of financial stress.

As I am looking back now, I have paid the price so dearly to learn about money matters.  Real matters that has to be taken seriously and responsibly.  I need to plan. I need to build up stability early on in my active years of my career life. I must set realistic goals and have this iron will to save and prepare for the rainy day.

It doesn’t matter if we earn so little or earn that much.  But what matters is the ability to spend wisely and being not above your means.  And think ten times more in ascertaining if its really a need or merely a want.

My mobile phone is now three years old and have survived that dreadening pawnshop episode. Thanks God and I don’t have to re-admit it again to the pawnshop.  Instead, I am keeping it safe and sound with me, as it will be a reminder for me how I have fought real hard to get it back.  Positively, it is for me a remarkable feat and a very personal accomplishment to be on my way to being truly financially healthy.

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