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Lines converge

into the center of our visions,

unhindered by picket fences.


Shuffling images on a collage-

brick walls in grafitti,

kites, flags and confetti.


The gaping surrealism

in cloudless sky of reverie. Fleeting

in the tail-end of comets.


Color trapped in spectrum

of rainbows and sandstorms

obscuring the bluest of hemispheres.


“The world was linear,

we exist in parallelisms.”

This is our perspective.


Have we understood

the secrets of the horizon?

Our dreams fading without trace.

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There was a time when I thought happiness

was infinite and the night full of stars.

And I have my way of keeping track

each day written on a page. There was a time,

when the breeze came to my sails

as it float away myriad of dreams-

like kites braving the sky.

And the harvest is here,

filled my basket overflowing

of summer fruits in its season.


It was a time of plenty

and a time of tender love

when every prairie blooms

in the suppleness of spring.

Basking to the sun’s golden stream

into the woods by the mid-morning

when I endlessly salute those fine,

bright times rejoicing.


But like butterflies flutter their wings-

yesterday is a maiden whose beauty hides

by the moonrise. I sit there by the terrain

watching the sunset. When the light

of the day were torn pages into pieces.

In the autumn,  like falling leaves.

Sadness came. A blight of the winter

and the frost became cobwebs.

The winds now, they sing a dirge

slowly becoming whispers. Yesterday

walks away silently, weeping like a lady.

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Father, I remember-

waiting for you

on my birthday

And they say,

you’ll bring home

a present like

what other boys have.

I wish of a little toy

I will ride along

in the neighborhood.

And try to belong.


Father, I forgot

how long-

I have chased

the speed of days,

counting roosters

that have crowed

at dawn break.

All the hope

that have died

and buried inside. I forgot

the tears that have dried.


Father, quite still-

there are images

of trees I forgot to climb.

Of kites I did not flown.

Of baseball gloves

I did not put on.

Of the nursery rhymes,

left unsung. I slept-

as the world turns

of bedtime stories

unheard. I have grown.


Father, see me now-

how everyday, I wake up.

And struggle to balance

like a weighing scale.

The drudgery

of riding big toys

through the alleyway

of this wild world.

As I left skid marks,

deeply scarred

the innocence of this boy.


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Keeping your life is like keeping a kite.  When I was in the fourth grade during my elementary days, I remember flying kites during the mid-November winds with childhood friends.  It was one of  those lazy afternoon when the sun doesn’t prick hard anymore, while me and my friends will  often head towards the empty ricefield.  We share a common fraternal duty to salute the high winds and take flight accross the vastness of skies.

Little did I know, that what to expect in life is just the same as learning the tricks of kite flying. The kite is as light as our souls.  It is has the most basic of structure and needed to be as light and follows the right proportion to ensure good aerodynamics. In life, it must have the same structure.

We must learn to be light and keeping those emotional baggages at bay so we can be able to proceed living gracefully.  No person can be truly happy and contented when he still keep on looking back to what has been in the past.  Like a kite, the colors of our life should be bright and inspiring, so that people can truly see the beauty of our existence.

Flying a kite may need another person to hold on to another distance ( or you just lay them down flat on the ground and run fast, so that it will be lifted).  Life can be like that, we all need people in our lives to lift us up but sometimes we need also to do the lifting alone by ourselves. This two approaches are quite different but having another person to help us out is a comfortable option. While lifting the kite alone needs an extra effort of running and having a good case of luck of heading towards the right direction of the wind.

Wind is the key element of making a successful kite flying.  Kites often flies opposite the wind’s directions.  The most favorable of all winds is  coming from the north.  In life, we should learn how to bravely face life’s exciting challenges.  Sometimes, we need to be a bit braver or sometimes we need to befriend the wind. It’s up to you, if you know that any options can work to keep your kite in a smooth wind ride.

Remembering that high winds is not up all the time, then we should also apply the same scenario with our life. Not all the time, we are experiencing having  a steady stream of significant moments. But, sometimes we will just have a taste of it in a considerable transcience of time.

The manner of holding it has some life truths to learn from.  To make our kites stably fly higher, we need to let go of our strings. Unyielding them and with a little pull and push we will keep the wind pressure controllable. We can keep our hopes and dreams higher but our feet still touching ground. The only thing that connects our feet and dream, is our vision. Seeing the sky, takes away the pain.

A friend once told me, that the reason why people are going depressed and lonely is that they tend to forget to look up the bigness of the sky.  They cannot not see how big and wide earth is, that they have opted to create their own little kingdoms inside their mind.

The kite can travel miles away in the sky but there still a thin line connecting us to our dreams. No matter how high our dreams and aspirations maybe, we are all subject to the ever-shifting directions of the wind. Some kites are lost once the string cannot hold any further the wind pressure, the same is true with all of us. And maybe, there is no wind to face us oppositely. So that our own kites can’t be lifted along.  All circumstances have great effect to the success and failure of kite flying. What is important, is that we are ready to accept that we need another chance of lifting up or our life is not our own control.

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