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It was middle of December, when an old friend pays me a visit here in Manila.  I promised to personally take him to the Mall of Asia to witness it in its grander scale. But beyond by simply accompanying him to see the mall, I would like to let him see my everyday.  My usual grind and the every nook and corners of my daily existence.

I have called my abode as a rathole.  A very intimate space where work and living connurbates into a more passionate grind of my architect’s life.  Being single and unattached, I almost had a little of everything. Enough for me to create my little kingdom connected to the world but tucked in the heart of this concrete jungled city.

I let him roam around the streets with me by the twilight. Explaining the memories I had with them attached to every lamp post and street signs. Quite sentimental a journey which I try to sanitize with good times with this friend.  And now, I had only glimpses of the past in the distance, where hope and peace radiates from where I stand.

And by the bay, we had a mixed chatter of yesteryears and the future.  How refreshing to had such a moment with a friend that is worth million postcards.  The flood of reveries seems like floating boats in the wide expanse of the sea.  And I can’t get enough, if not for the time that is too temporal.

It’s so easy to reveal yourself just by talking it out. But it is not easy to reveal yourself by evocatively revealing it by tangible things that defines you. It’s not easy to let someone see a different light of you apart of what is ordinary and stereotypical.  I have let this friend journey my life in  a day, where I had faithfully and painstakingly build in my early lifetime.

And its worth the walk.

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