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The words infiltrate a mind’s sovereign

colonizing a niche of space within

Rock-hewn among these parched walls,

petrifying civilization, quelling revolution.


The maze of letters clustered like jungle

to simmering cauldron of thoughts.

The texts became glowing embers

of world wars waged in the past.


When sentences begins imaginary-

little flames gather into firestorm.

Of bourgeoisie killing ideology-

etching history in its annals of freedom.


Crusade to equality  is an open door.

A people force through closed windows.

Clenched fist of a Che Guevarra,

struggle between power and martyrdom.


The conqueror’s territory eventually falls,

while peasants set loose from their cages.

Voicing sentiments, marching on parliament-

unafraid of gunfire and waterbombs.

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I prepared a meal tonight

for two-


forgive me

If I burn the dinner.

Just don’t know how

to hold the pan.


I wage a battle.

And I am afraid

of the flames,

and the sound

of the oil


expelling water.


I waited for you

till two-


forgive me

If that is all I have to do.

Just don’t know how

to hold your time.


I braved through agony.

And I am afraid

of the thoughts,

and the images

of the empty plate


collecting dust.

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