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Write. It is almost like

the plot explains why

we keep on repeating

the same mistakes again.

Stubborn writers only listen

to their own opinion

of what’s apt and what’s not.

Concealing the fact, stories

are about expectations

of what the world should be-

of how isolated and conflicted

the inner character must be.


It happens to be

a predictable climax

waiting to be exhaled.

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Cut the line, if you do not want to hear what I’m saying.

Burn the page, if you do not like what you see.

I don’t have the habit of repeating myself

over and over again just to be understood.


Somehow, there will come a time that explanations

are not required. Questions are left unsaid

out of courtesy, while your mind is bubbling

with doubts, you need to accept me of who I am.


Like this, we talk on the phone without expression.

The heavy tone of your voice means a disappointment.

You’re definitely upset when I can’t catch you. And you

can’t catch me as we are both lost in translation.


Let us stop this virtual war. This undue vexation

of words coated in the niceties of being cerebral.

Can’t we simply talk as normal humans do,

caught in the flimsiness of conduct and etiquette?


You see, I didn’t plan to have more than five

stanza to this poem and keep on intellectualizing

on how stupid it was to win our every argument.

You know, sometimes you do not have to fight


every battles you are invited in. Just choose-

the best one. And argue with me. Fine.

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Either way, we will neglect

this guesswork.

Swimming in the stream

of people encapsulated

in their self-made walls.

Jammed in traffic

of clues and hints,

lip synching the same

old line of self-defense.

A justification

followed by explanations.

Why do we choose to stay

the same?


For you, love is

a crossword puzzle

deciphering codes

stitching words.

If words would say rightly

the true meaning from the heart.

Then, we don’t need

a second chance

to feel as if the world around us

stood still. It will only leave

a language that we

both understood eversince,

that day we met

for the first time.

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I type the words.

Blank, and it bleeps per second

until the rush of thoughts

smothered this numbness,

lifeless touch.


I search and scroll down

through ages and ages,

stretches into aeons

beneath the fragiled

randomness of senses

Of anecdotes-

without explanation

to things that

I didn’t see it coming.


I fumbled to signals,

deciphering signs

immobile to reason

while the impulses

will tread the pages

of dot-imprints

extracted from archaic,

medieval chatter.

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In as much as I try to comprehend the circumstances I am in, I have learned to keep a part that no words shall be spoken. As much as we try to be honest about our true feelings as of the moment, we are being faced with the dilemma if the things we have to say merits the whole situation.  Will it gone better? Will it gone worser than before?

No matter how we try to be rational, our emotions get in the way to be just that.  Our own prejudices blocks understanding.  Our own defense mechanisms is at work to redeem us from our fallen selves.  And there comes pain.  And there comes retaliation of words.  Which in this case, should not overpower the reality that in every individual, something good is hidden in those recesses of the heart. 

The ugliness that we see tends to be a mask.  A shield that fortifies the fragile canvass of the self.  And if compassion gives a heavier weight for us to really understand the person, that beneath his visual and emotional frame, we should therefore try to see beyond his imperfections. As we are also imperfect.

There is no amount of words that can heal the wounds that has been lashed out against the person.  It would be unfair to judge the totality of the person based on a single act of a mistake.  How many times should we forgive?  How much effort will we make to be able to hear by heart?  How much will it take us to be satisfied if we have won an argument or have set across our point?

Is it degrading to say sorry?  Will our self-esteem be broken down? No.  It only means that we have grown maturely to accept that sometimes our view on things is only confined to our own sphere of thought.  Circumstances, sometimes is not of our own control. Sometimes people cannot fit into our own expectation.

What we can do is to try to minimize the imposition of our own standards. We must try to let the other participate in the process of communication. They have their own concerns too.  They have also issues that they needed to resolve.

And it’s a blessing to have the opportunity to talk that the other one on the receiving end truly listens. But it seldom happened.  We can only try to talk as much.  But we can try to listen as much as we wanted. Sometimes, acceptance comes in  silence.  And it is only given an affirmation by offering no explanations.

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