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We try to say something but we can’t.

How it is easy for words to be hidden

beneath our necessity to be nice and proper.

While there is a wall we wanted to break down

to see if there is still more beneath

our obligation to be always kicking at face value.

Anger is foaming in our mouths like lava

simmering in a cauldron ready to explode.

Only to find that we are suppressing

our chances to be understood- for the sake

of keeping a fraternal duty to conform

to the will of overwhelming majority.

But we cannot hold it out any longer, this time

our hands are ready to throw in the punches

in the air and break away. Enough is enough.

Life is too short to stay in the mold

of  other’s expectations and of other’s choices.

Needing only to show our true colors, for a change.

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Always been on a safe side. Preferences would always be the same. The same habit. The same color. The same attitude. Never venturing outside the comfort zone.  Almost made me wonder, if this kind of conservatism and restraint is quite common among my generation?

Or is it some kind of book that has prescribed a norm, a standard to follow through, in almost every aspect of our everyday life.  It is like somebody dictating, that you should wear this; you should try that; you must have this or you should dump that. 

To have or to have not. To be or not to be. Each of the segments of the society, varied as they may be, left something for the mind to contend with. To be confused with. The choices. The prejudices. The biases. The preferences.

Each, whatever it may be, can be debated along with. Dissected with reasons.  Reasons that appeared to be valid. Reasons that are founded according to personal circumstances. 

As we age along, society expects changes.  Society expects diversity. But in the scheme of things, people do follow a set of life patterns quite unique and eventually beneficial to them.  They create a social circle that caters to the needs of their self-esteem.  They conform to belong.

And oftentimes, they are afraid of alienating themselves and to be tagged as uncommon.  To be branded as subversive. They continue to live monotonously.

Change is good. But it has to be something new. Motivating people to become inspiring and become better individuals. And at the same time, cultivate a spirit of dynamism and creativity and infect this into others.  May it be among the established.  May it be something about the way people live.

Well, you would not be just the  same one as ten years as before. Would you? Say, change would do you good.

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