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Two nights ago, I tossed left and right in my bed , restless and not knowing what I have been missing these past few days.  Isolation takes a toll and there are days that I can’t bear  the reclusivity.  Those were the days when I felt that I don’t differ to the things you can find in my room. A regular fixture, as if I am resembling to some  breathing machine with a pair of eyes traveling the whiteness of the ceiling.  I imagine the freedom of my mortal being mixing in the crowd around the city.  A stranger with an imaginary wall, like the others.

A study says that there is a silent epidemic  affecting millions of people, slowly killing and obliterates their very existence.  A persistent loneliness, that leads to severe depression due to non-interaction as a result of a person’s self-imposed isolation.  

People need inter-personal relationship with others.  In the world with the advancement of science and technology and the quick fix of web-based communication, people are making way to get connected, through multiple virtual identities impersonally.  Social networking groups in the Internet replaces actual person to person interaction and thus making the present generation  accustomed to getting glued to their computer screens, 24/7.

I admit that if I will not take steps to get out and mingle with others, I might succumb to the ill effects of my being passive and recluse.  That is why, it was a blessing that I have brought home something new in my life.  A living thing, but not a pet, since the landlord would not approve of any pets in the house.  It was a plant given to me by a friend, which has a life, and could share my space and can introduce me to first steps of rejuvenation.

If I can be able to take care for the plant and make it grow through constant watering, nourishment and exposure to sun and wind,  it can become a litmus test.  Wherein each new leaf that might sprang out of it signifies the measure of the heart ready to forge new meaningful relationship with people. A confidence that I can be able to nurture worthy life connection with them, in love and compassion.

The plant, will ever be a constant reminder, that people are not just things. People are people, who is capable of loving and be loved in return.

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Consumer nowadays had become subjected to a more deliberate persuasion from the cyberworld. With the advent of high technological advances in the field of communication, millions of people are having been reached by e-advertising and e-commerce.  The Internet has become a portal to unlock possibilities in the cyberspace and make it as an accessible medium to promote a wider range of products ranging from personal care to educational certifications.  The distances have been obscured. Age is not a matter to be considered.  And this capability to connect has empowered a lot of people to demand for more and more entertaining modes of communication.

Behaviourally, the trending of businesses and its processes have become anchored to enticing and persuading consumers to utilize this capability.  Consumers are now fast becoming computer literates wherein they can compare product quality on the basis of what they can actually see and feel in just a click of the mouse.  This pseudo-power to decide what fits their economy and personality has become for them a  potent strategy to search for a much superior product or service being proliferately advertised.

On one hand, major businesses and some creative organizations has fully exacted its masterplan on the consumer.  They have formulated, created and machinated a different kind of strategy to monopolize and economize on the consumer’s voracious appetite for information and technological revolution.  They have provided a platform wherein the consumer can participate in the making and concept building of a product, since the consumer has this hidden desire to initiate a different take on things. 

For example, the growing trend of virtual websites catering for people expression and niche commercialism has sprouted over a period of time.  People loves to share, connect and  communicate like Friendster, MySpace, Blogger, Yahoo and MSN to name a few. It has provided effective avenues for people to meet and exchange idea. 

Niche commercialism means a product or service promotion mechanism for just a select group of people sharing a common interest.  It is somewhat intimate in the joint exploration of a craft, games,  hobby, art, how to’s and that sort of things.  No wonder, in many affluent societies, its the "in" thing.  It has become a powerful specialist branding tool for some emerging businesses nowadays such as Starbucks for example.

Based on a study, sixty percent of trendsetters and 33 percent of mainstream 14-34 year olds have a social networking pages on the Internet. These synthetic worlds has about 10 to 20 million inhabitants, where the truth about catching this big bulk of a market to display have put many businesses frantically mad about e-advertising and e-commerce. 

Here are the latest statistics where you can find how some of this so-called virtual worlds exist and command loyalty among  consumers to connect like a regular umbilical cord. 

Guildwars- 2 million members
Ragnarok Online- 17 million
World of Warcraft- 5.5 million
Virtual Magic Kingdom- 1million
MySpace- 68 million
MSN Spaces-30 million
MSN Messenger-100 million
Yahoo Messenger- 63 million

In the universe of this virtual worlds, it has often been told that  consumers dictate the shape of the future. Or it may be the other way around?  The future shapes the consumer to become a cyber animal.  Herein, this so-called pesudo-power  is being demonstrated three- dimensionally and an enough reason for people to  abandon realities.  Such like In the film "the Matrix",  it is no different to the reality that is happening now in the way  our culture has been transformed.  Multi-universe of consumers that keeps on creating their little self-made worlds. And has allowed themselves to be subjected from the intoxicating rule of avatar kings and queens of the Internet.   


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