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Look at me.

A corporate soldier.

Working wounded

in the company of men-

wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Deceiving as snakes.

Cunning as sharks.


And here, the desk became

my war machine. Riding

in the engines of my brain.

Words and strategies wielding

like speeding bullets, as weapons.


I must learn the art of combat.


And it’s going to rain today.

But not of the sky.

But with paper planes

piling up in my incoming tray,

touching down like flies.


The cubicle is a battleground.


I need a saving grace, ejecting

from this capsuled seat. When

life signals on a high wire-

blinking signs of warning.

Maneuvering survival,

evading a free fall.

Beating the deadline.


I’m burned out.

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I am awaiting for sleep to fall on me tonight. Even the love songs on the radio and the sight of stars in the midnight cannot make my soul pacified.  Maybe in these moments of silence, my heart will grope against the memories racing fast in my mind.  Like a Romeo.

An unfamiliar face. Places I quite been to. The bridges where I have seen a lovely sunset across a silt-laden river. I am walking down by the wayside, hopping from one snapshot to snapshot of how could it been.  Then I have been under the cloud of stars and I feel the strong arms of narra trees embracing me.

There you are.  Beautiful memories shared not just in my imagination. I remember how the green fields turned into the carpet of dreams, where I lay.  Scanning the sky with hopes that I will be with you for the longest possible time in my life.

And all those faded photographs remind me how I first gave you the pinkiest rose in the open amphitheater.  Though after that, I know it is the last glimpse I had of you.  Of having to face the sea of must have been, alone again.  There in the sea horizon, I re-construct.  Waiting.  And watching people faces in eternal glow of the bading sun.   

I have been to those places again where your footsteps have trodden. And looking for traces of you.  I have braved these winding road, uphill and downhill as if you have breathed through tall grasses waving at me.  I need to catch the sweet fog and lost in the wonderment of this romance again and again. Staring blankly among the majestic pine trees.  I record each capsules of sequences to keep within.

Those evening strolls when we encircle around lamp posts in the rain-soaked city streets.  The quiet afternoon in the sun-bleached bench at the board walk. The sight of the seawaves froth immaculately white at the shoreline.   The bus rides to our coastal roads and countryroads of should have been.

In the empty hallway where your laughter still lingers. In an empty seat in the moviehouse where I first hold your hands in mine.  The empty table in our favorite restaurant where I watch you closely and examine the details of your face. And the lonely pew in the church where I honestly prayed for your true happiness.

I may not reach you now, but I still know how you say hello.  I may not see you some few years from now, but I still remember how you smile.  I may not be the one who is there beside you,  but I still feel if you are lonely too.

I wish you could see my every mornings. I need you to see how I moved on after us.  How I breezed through the day without you.  Only to be contented of what is left of yesterday.  Pieces of you captured in each capsule of perfect moment.

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