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I can still see the images in the ricefield.  A young boy in search for fresh camote shoots in the parched soil.  And alas,  he digs for more. It seems to him that he is digging for a gold mine.  With a smile, he pauses to see his shadows elongating almost reaching the end of an acre. He breathes the tangy smell of the dust as if all the world is out of reach in the horizon.

How crisp they were, the colors of yesterday? The kite flies as soon as it appears soaring high in the clouds.  And the dream of flying overwhelms a soul. Am I not afraid then?

As the music played by the bamboo tree.  I can still sense the tranquil chorus of birds perched on its branches.  Can it be the lovely sways of the coconut leaves, that made me sleep underneath?

No one has ever told me that the young boy can be me. I have almost forgotten the playground of my childhood.  That was the place I have believed that there’s such a wide world.  And I have believed that soon I will be sojourning new wide open spaces.

I have returned to hummed a lullabye to your ear. I have returned to glimpse the old age beauty I have made myself be satisfied with.  I have returned to kiss the earth and pay homage to you, oh sunset in my field of dreams.

My grandmom is here with me on her deathbed. As I am singing and humming the beautiful rhythms of  past memories, I remember. I know that when I caress the skin of her hands, I have once again touch the earth.  And when I feel her heartbeat, I have been reminded of beautiful days.  And when I have wiped her tears away, I have been assured that my fears will also roll away.

She is the reason why I have not feared yesterday.  That after the sunset is the sunrise. She makes me enjoy the sunset and never be afraid of the darkness foreboding.

She knows.  She will.  That the young boy can still be me.  Full of believing that tomorrow I will keep digging on wide open spaces.


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