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I would like to remember

for the sake of remembrance

without fear of talking on corners

where echoes reverberate

within these four white walls.


I would like to visit a place

that is only half-remembered

where the streets are fading

against the foggy morning light.


Have they forgotten

or just being forgetful?

Frozen fingers of tree branches

on a bleak Friday morning.

Wisps of emotion numbed

by the chilly winds,

the pores of my skin

have forgotten to breathe.


The chances of longing

for somebody or someone

whom you have felt the time

when the blood on your veins

boil and burst with life. Inside

of you. That the world is

still a beautiful place, after all.


Just for this moment of expectation.

This soft prison cell will balm my soul

who wants to break out as a man

free like a butterfly

in its resplendent colors.

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Three years.  One hundred blogposts.  From country music to a foggy day rounded up three years of cent-worth of personal ramblings on life.  

At first, I only intended to try the blog feature of Friendster just for self-expression.  To speak up my mind more intimately on things we often neglect and have taken for granted.  

I am prompted to focus the themes of my blogpost on simpler things.  Of serene things that separates from the clutter of everyday.   A respite.  A balm to the soul. 

All around us are people of unending struggles to be understood and to be accepted.  Of  people living up to what this world dictates them to be.  Not realizing that their humanity is at stake among the many complexities and presumptions of these modern times. 

I believe that we need a pause to reflect and recollect.  To understand and to rationalize.  To put words written out from our minds and communicate. To put meaning into our lives and live through the years with hope of making this world better than we had found it.  To keep our feet rooted to the basic and essential.  To put the ignored and little things in life magnified into a vantage of inspiring thoughts and vivid images.

I thank all the visitors who shared their profound thoughts on the subjects I had presented, may it  be affirmation of their ideals or contradiction to what they believe in.  But in its essence, I welcome the connection among us and together, it has rekindled our interests to look inwardly among ourselves and search much more deeper within. 

I hope that my solitude and moments of silence in this page had brought you into a higher level of understanding.  I hope that it has brought you closer to the meaning of your own existence.  Of what it means to be alive and keep believing.

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