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His face is a map of caravan years,

weathering the desert sun and

the seasonal flood by the riverbank

which brings in salt for a modest living.


As the sand windblown and collected

in the seams of his linen turban,

anxiety constantly snake through

the mazes of his troubled mind.


He needed money.


Like how the puff of smokes

from his cigarette escapes

are fragments of his ancestor’s past

excavated from walls of antiquity.


He is mulling to leave the landscape

of ancient ruins, the mud-dried bricks

and clayed houses and desert wilderness

for the glowing lights of the city.


The mosque signals the call to prayer

and he sat down on his cushion

unfurling a sheaf of parchment,

reading through his mangled glasses


the fragile scribbling of faded ink.

On its brittle yellowing pages appears

like gold. This manuscript he wants to sell

to tourists he is waiting to pass by.

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There is dancing.

A night in an icy land.

They are spirits-

ancestors of high realms-

gathering, around

ceremonial sun flares.


Green luminous rings

of star trails,

forming foxfire

and fire dragons, whisking

into atmosphere

their celestial tails.


Shimmering filament-

in the vast firmament.

Iridescent signs.

Streaks of neon,

a surreal reflection

into the strange horizon.


I danced phenomena-

To the mystery

of the northern lights.

Warping time

Of years beyond

your polar shadow.

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Just the other day, I have been to province of Fujian, China and it has been a pleasant visit to meet with a client for a design project presentation. And during the whole period, I keep my eyes fixed to the many sights and glued my ears to the different rhythms of this Chinese region. The construction activities are non-stop, might as well the effect of the hosting of the Summer Olympics by Beijing in the 2008, nonetheless Fujian is rearing to absorb the influx of would be visitors.

I must admit I am overwhelmed to witness China transforming into a modern and exciting nation. In the years to come, China will become a superpower nation to beat, sitting next to some of the most developed nations of the world.

Fujian, is the garments capital of China, may it be shoes, socks, under garments, shirts, winter clothing, business suits, pants, sports apparel and endless array of specialty apparel. I have seen their economic and development zones full of large scale factories and manufacturing centers. Every corner of the highway, you can see the billboard signs advertising different companies specializing in a specific apparel.

Fujian, a province where you can find big cities of Xiamen, Jinjiang and Quanzhou, is somewhat similar with the lifestyle in the Philippines. As I have been informed that most of our Filipino-Chinese ancestors come from this region of Fujian. No wonder, I happen to see SM City in Quanzhou, where Henry Sy paid homage to his ancestral beginnings.

I could not forget the taste of the typical Fujian cuisine where it seems quite the same with Filipino food but with a more spicy tone and texture. I happen to see the limestone mountains, the pasture lands, and the mighty rivers winding in the landscape. Night in Quanzhou is like a nightwalk in Malate, literally the same scene in Manila. The lightpost, the brick sidewalks, the vendors and the air pollution. Different retail shops dot the streets in dizzying number. Apartments are decorated in an European Continental style with a mixture of Mandarin elements. Butterfly trees are splendid in their purple flowers. And freestanding bronze sculptures are many to behold.

Xiamen, is the music capital of China. This is where aspiring Chinese musicians are going for training and enhancement in the classical music. Xiamen, is a city where music is a way of life.

And how I could forget the jolly nature of the Chinese people, they could tell you stories that concern everyday life, everyday happenings and family. I am amazed how they find happiness sharing pictures of their children, brothers, sisters and relatives; and tell a brief description about them.

The more I visit China, the more I understand that somewhere, somehow we are in one lineage with them. Of how our Filipino culture has got a big slice of Chinese life. We cannot deny the fact, that our civilization, the way of life, our culture have a home in China. Because, if we really dig deeper into our ancestry, we will be amazed to know that in our lineage we got the China blood mixed in the process somehow.

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