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Counting the hours to another sojourn, I have kept myself busy fixing and sorting the contents of my ever-rattled rathole.  And I have applied the Gung-ho principle to throw away things that for me has no use or maybe it can land as another hands-me down  to expectants. I don’t need this and I don’t need that. Whew! I am thinking,  next time I will try to avoid purchasing things which are to become clutter in my life.  In this kind of lifestyle I am having, always moving and  on the go, I should then minimize the collecting of things which has a temporal value.

Sometimes, I felt that this habit of collecting things that gives fleeting sense of happiness has been a hindrance for me to sprint a little farther than I used to. The so-called attachment to things makes me cringe to the idea that I can’t take them out with me, no matter how I would like them and had them ingrained in my system.

Here are the rundowns of things; will I have to keep them even more? Books ranging from architecture to literature to aeronautical science.  Self-help booklets by Deepak Chopra to Rick Warren.  CD’s and casette tapes of my favorite artists like Norah Jones, Lighthouse Family, Fra Lippo Lippi, Sheryl Crow and Enigma.  Architectural instruments like triangular scales, compasses, and lots of pens and Staedtler pencils ranging from 6H to 6B.

Ah, the poster colors and paint brushes I have them passed on to grade schoolers. The review materials and voluminous books on architectural codes I had them passed on to friends who would take the Board Exam. The receipts, the bills, the photographs, the floppy disks, I had them for safekeep.

And even old clothings, shoes, jackets and pants, I had them passed on to my cousins.  The computer peripherals I had them passed on to my aunt, the webcam and the optical mouse. I am just wondering, what if I could also passed on this entire life? Just kidding. But I do wanted that some vital organs in my body will be  donated in the future. The eyes, the heart, the kidney etc.

I think that this year, I will have to approach life differently with a new perspective.  I will be wise to keep things that are more valuable. That has worth and gives more meaning and definition to life.  I still believe that not a single thing can be taken out, and that what makes it temporal.

After each of life’s episodal twists, we must learn to de-clutter and sort out things to give more room to your inner space.  In that way, we can expect not to have internal overload.  We can have more to enjoy and experience the true things that can make you real happy.

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