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Each rainy day on this side of my life is a quiet and lovely moment.  Where palette of memories and aspirations are painted on that fragile canvass of my mind.  It is a fine time where the four corners of my isolation will become the universe and the walls become the vast horizons of my own imagination.

How simple are those days of hoping and drifting to spaces I am longing to go.  And the days of dreaming stretched like long shadows in the past moving forward.  And they have become partly a reality now. 

I am longing to go home to the place where I am safe from the vanities of this world.  To my Wuthering Heights. To my manor houses and beautiful bridges.  To commune with Robert Frost and Edgar Allan Poe.  And have a romance with  Sara Teasdale and Emily Dickinson.  To view each sunsets with Jane Austen.  And listen to the rhythms of Phil Collins.  Or hear the piano symphonies of Richard Clayderman. 

Here in this four corners of my sanity, that the expectations of the world extinguishes.  Here in are the murmurings of the soul are heard audibly and each emotions are truthfully expressed.  Here in no one will ever enter to criticize my inner fragilities.  And where shedding of my tears is allowed. Here in the loneliness is a friend and not an enemy.  Here in, my tears are the proof of courage.

I will watch the sunset and salute to eternity.  In each farewell is a golden ray.  Where glory is never lost but always remembered.

I will not fear the night, because the raven will sing the sweet song to lull me to my sleep.  It will bring me back to the good friends and people I have lost to the day.  Yes, I will not fear the night, where the stars of Orion will be on guard to watch over me as long as the day breaks.  And angels await there basking in the dawn. 

I am coming home again. Coming home to my dwelling place that comforts this world-weary traveller.  As if the universe of my humanity will be there to welcome their once lost child.

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